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Bank & payment solutions


Bank account options for



We can refer to a fine banking solution in jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Portugal, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Puerto Rico, Cyprus, Serbia, and Malta. As an existing example, Crypto Exchanges would fit a tested financial structure that can be a mix between:

  • Swiss bank for securitization and general operations, including B2B deposits;

  • German bank for the highly competitive market fee in SEPA, equivalent to €0.2 per outgoing transaction;

  • Puerto Rico bank that is directly regulated with the U.S. and corresponding directly via Metropolitan Commercial Bank thus straight also to Kraken. A strong USD solution;

  • A financial institution from Malta that offers competitive market fees both to C2B and B2B in crypto exchange activity. We believe it will benefit quick and feasible SEPA deposits within the EU;

  • UK financial entity for acquiring (Payment card deposits from VISA & MasterCard) and BaaS type of solution in Domestic GBP, ACH, and SEPA transaction orders.

This is a quick overview and in order to confirm the structure and other alternative options, we offer a banking analysis service. The analysis expands in more detail with fees, timelines, alternative banking options. 



The one-off banking analysis fee is € 500

One bank account Compliance and Set-up fee is from 1500

Bank account options for


Our focus is on companies exporting internationally from developing countries. Those are wholesale traders supplying retail chains and e-commerce players in the East and the West, small to medium manufacturers participating in the global supply chain, and vendors producing products for customers worldwide, including countries to EEA, Eastern Europe, Russia, Far East, the U.S., Middle East, and Central America, and directly participate in the global marketplace.


Best fit profile 

  • Companies registered in the EEA;

  • With €100k< in annual turnover;

  • Hold strong roots and at least some physical presence in the country of registration;

  • Operates within 2+ countries;


The majority of our customers work in one of the following areas:

  • Food, Clothing, Furniture, etc.

  • Unregulated and regulated commodities trade

  • Sales of special equipment and machinery

  • Crypto Exchanges and companies in commodity trade with agenda to Crypto trade


For these businesses we find and explore banking solutions in jurisdictions and not only - Portugal, Cape Verde, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, U.K., Puerto Rico, Lithuania, Poland, Malta, Estonia, Latvia, Serbia, Singapore, etc. Upon your request we will do an analysis as part of our advisory services during which you must be ready to answer to following questions:

  1. What currencies and financial services are required?

  2. Description of the company activity, how the current transactions are classified, current or forecasted turnover;

  3. Regions and countries that the company operates in;

  4. Budget for one account opening;

  5. Website or a business plan;

  6. Documented side of your business, e.g. an existing agreement(s).

One bank account opening fee is from  900


For an international company


from € 900

Domestic GBP and SEPA accounts

from € 500

Domestic USD account for non U.S. entities

from € 1000

Multi-currency accounts

from € 1300

Bank account in Switzerland

from € 1950

Bank account in Central Europe

Germany, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Belgium or Poland

from € 2500

Card acquiring provider

from € 750

BaaS, EMD Agency and LaaS solutions

from € 5000

Advisory services

from € 500




Each Bank / Financial institution has its own fee policy. On most occasions, we collect the funds in advance payment and make the account opening fee payment directly with the respective institution. This fee includes our advisory fee.

All prices are excl. VAT.


KYC requirements must be passed by each of our customers without exception. For this purpose, we will ask you to share with ALT Accounting MB - a copy of the passport and proof of address from both the Ultimate Beneficial owner(s) and Director(s), and to pass ID liveliness verification.

The decisions from the banks/financial institutions are not final and can change during the due diligence process due to bad online publication, PEP relations if any reference to you or company name, or the U.S. or sanctioned country relations. Within the banks, their internal policies tend to change before prior notice thus for any reason either a currency, or turnover limit, or the bank account can be stripped. Also, transfers can be frozen, not limited to incompliant cases. We cannot influence this. These direct risks you must consider since all fees are non-recurring and no refund policy applies unless stated otherwise. The banks we work with are tested before and directly with our clientele who up till today hold and operate an account there. We strongly suggest not keep all assets in one place, to diversify within a minimum of 2 separate banking institutions both by the Region and Currency supply.

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