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Corporate documents

How to order corporate documents in



While in the other jurisdictions' the company corporate document order is a walk in the park, almost like buying a shirt from an e-shop, the Lithuanian companies require to authorize an individual who can order the documents on the company's behalf. This requires a Power of Attorney. Therefore, while signing up for our Accounting services we will also send the form to appoint one of our colleagues/accountants to be capable to serve you remotely in front of the commercial registry.

We will not charge additionally for the remote orders on the already issued Power of Attorney.



  1. Choose the documents from the list below

  2. Connect with us via email:

  3. Submit order and contact, and delivery information

  4. (For the first-timers) Sign the Power of Attorney and deliver it to our office(s)


Registry extract, incl. sole shareholder and directors'​ information

Shareholder list with a table and info on the nominal value of shares and no. of shares

List of Ultimate Beneficial owner(s)

Certificate of Lithuanian Tax residency


€35         |         €80          |        €120            €180

   PDF         Registry stamped       Notarized      Apostilled

Articles of association / Statutes

Last submitted annual report

€35         |         €120          |        €200        |      €280

   PDF         Registry stamped       Notarized      Apostilled

Translation services



   Per page (LT to EN, vise versa)

Ordering ESI code


€35 /one time

Document delivery


€100 /express courier within EU

€150 /express courier globally


KYC requirements must be passed by each of our customers without exception. For this purpose, we will ask you to share with ALT Accounting MB - a copy of the passport and proof of address from both the Ultimate Beneficial owner(s) and Director(s), and to pass ID liveliness verification.

Prices given above exclude VAT (21%) 

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