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The option how to incorporate a



The client has a choice to either be the direct owner or to choose a parent company to own its new venture,  following the 3 other options of choice:

  1. Incorporating a new company with self-funded share capital via the Power of Attorney;

  2. Order a company with your preferred company name and organize equity transfer;

  3. Buy a Ready-made company, with an existing name.


  1. Gathering information about the potential company activities, shareholders, and managing director;

  2. To pass ID verification with our Corporate Services company;

  3. Preparing its company document drafts. And reserving the company name. (POA step) In these documents shareholders – individual or parent company appoints our personnel via the Power of Attorney, then apostille the document. The appointment allows us to act on your behalf, in front of the Commercial Registry, Notary, and Bank;

  4. Travel to Vilnius Sign the documents (alternatively - send them by post). An original copy of the apostilled Power of Attorney is delivered to Vilnius;

  5. (POA step) Adding the registration/legal address;

  6. (POA step) Once the documentation is received we open a share capital accumulating bank account for the newly-founded company;

  7. (POA step) Transferring a share capital of € 2500 /  to the accumulating bank account;

  8. (POA step) Receiving the share capital from the bank in a certificate format and proceeding with it to the notary where Signing the company foundation documents;

  9. Registering the company to the Commercial Register of Legal Entities 3-5 business days.
    In the case of a Sale and Purchase agreement / Equity transfer - registering the changes in the commercial registry for the company's new owners.


(OPTIONAL) Changing the accumulating bank account into a current one. Director can convert this account after the company is founded and it can be used for any non-crypto transactions.

In our opinion, the fastest way to start a company with your preferred name is by ordering a ready-made company - it takes about 1 week to establish and another 1 week to change to the new owner(s) saving you up to 3 weeks from the standard registration process by POA.


a Lithuanian UAB (Limited Liability Company)

A company by order with share capital

Company by order or Ready-made company

Company statutes are only available in Lithuanian


from € 950

Other Mandatory services by the law

12-month Legal/Registration address


from € 360

Other costs during the incorporation or change in ownership cost.

Remote Services

Preparation of the Power of Attorney and guidance on certification procedures

Assistance in Bank account opening

Sale-Purchase agreement servicing

from € 500 each

Affirmation documents at Notary and its fees

from € 350

Corporate Document order



All prices are excl. VAT. All above services are organized by Alt Corporate UAB.


KYC requirements must be passed by each of our customers without exception. For this purpose, we will ask you to share with ALT Accounting MB - a copy of the passport and proof of address from both the Ultimate Beneficial owner(s) and Director(s), and to pass ID liveliness verification.

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