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The All-in-one Approach

ALT Accounting main focus is on the companies that do VASP activities (virtual currency exchanges) and international trades on Lithuanian borders. With a team of a handful of professionals, we strive to advise in several languages - English, Russian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian and we somewhat progress in Italian.

Accounting is the main service, but ALT Accounting also focuses on advisory in the Licensed/Authorized companies in Lithuania, locating them with fit Bank/Financial institution(s) that complement each other in accordance with the business profile and forecasted activities. Such advisory includes assistance and advisory during the onboarding process. Furthermore, include solutions for corporate/custody/administrative Bank accounts. ALT Accounting can help to provide an opinion in restructuring a company for operational purposes, thus advising in Incorporating both Lithuanian and Estonian companies, amending their company commercial registry info, organizing Corporate Document orders, and leaving our opinion on Taxation as our by-product. 

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