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ESI Code and its use, Registry extract in Lithuania

An electronic certified extract (ESI) issued by the Register of Legal Entities is an extract of relevant company data. ESI is valid until the data, information, or documents are changed in the Register of Legal Entities (e.g. after registration of a new manual, statutes, director, or change of other registered data and information, registration of new or changed documents). It is often requested by the local authorities to instead of Registry extract PDF, you may be asked to present an ESI code - a string of numbers that can be checked, if valid via link here.

A legal entity, branch, or representative office wishing to obtain a new ESI (access key) must submit an application in the prescribed form for the issuance of an electronic certified extract from the register. The application can be submitted in person and or by post to any customer service unit of the Register Center or electronically through the customer service system of the Register Center.

To order the service electronically, the head of the legal entity or his / her authorized person must log in to the customer self-service system, and submit orders online.

If a legal entity, branch, or representative office uses an ESI (access key), we recommend ordering it when applying for registration of changes in data and/or documents. In this case, the ESI will be formed by registering the changed data and/or documents.

Important: company contact detail in the Register of Legal Entities must be up to date. Every newly ordered ESI will be sent to the company email and mobile phone which are submitted to the Register of Legal Entities. New ESI will be sent to the mobile phone, only if the number is in Lithuanian (+370….).

The ESI includes the data about any authorizations, and it is one of the official documents to prove that the company is eligible to provide virtual currency exchange operator activities in accordance with Lithuanian legislation. It also is considered with similar power to other country equivalents to Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Incumbency, Certificate of Incorporation, List of Directors; and in a case where there is sole shareholder it also keeps the data of shareholder list - all in one extract.

ALT Corporate can assist to order ESI, firstly, we should be registered on behalf of the company as one of the representatives and it requires the Power of Attorney process. Please refer to the pricing

One ESI code usually is delivered within a few hours, during the working office hours, however, can take up to 2 business days according to the Register Center.


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